Why Have a Build-a-Buddy Party?

This is a party where you make your own baby animal! It's an excellent activity for kids and parents alike. You pick the "skin" type of your own baby animal (unicorn, ladybug, tiger etc), stuff them yourself, PLUS you get a birth certificate and a wish key. Build-a-Buddy is yours to love for life!
This is a great activity as it is gender neutral and works for most ages. There's even an option to play dress up with your new friend! 
Why Have a Build-a-Buddy Party?

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Our Build-a-Buddy Party Package comes with:
  • 13 Build-a-Buddy Skins 
  • 13 Birth Certificates
  • 13 Wish Keys 
  • 1 Staff Member
  • Stuffing Machine
Buddies are approximately 16" when stuffed.
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Build-a-Buddy and Character Party

Would you like a character to come to your party?Build-a-Buddy plus Character Party includes the following:
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Character for One Hour
  • 15 Build-a-Buddy Skins
  • 15 Birth Certificates
  • 15 Wish Keys
Build-a-Buddy and Character Party

"Snugglies" & Jammies

A match made in dreamland! Each sleepover pack includes: 
  • Snugglie Animal
  • Jammies
  • Take Home Backpack
"Snugglies" & Jammies
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Start the school year with this exciting news!

With the school year starting, we have new Build - a - Buddy kits available! These are fun and simple for classes and schools and we offer with group rates. No staff member is needed - just order the kits and do them as a group!

These also make great gifts to send to someone or to give the kiddos to do at home.

Pick a furry friend to be delivered today for only $30! You can choose to have it arrived stuffed, or you can stuff it yourself.

Each Build-a-Buddy friend include:

~ Birth Certificate

~ Wish Key

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