Soft Play Parties

Our soft play party packages at Buffalo Party Deals are perfect for young children and toddlers, providing a fun and safe environment for endless play. Our #5 Play Package is a popular choice among parents looking to create an unforgettable experience for their little ones.

For just $285, you can get our entire Soft Play Party Set Up, which includes a variety of colorful and engaging equipment tailored for toddlers. This setup features soft mats, tunnels, slides, and interactive play elements that encourage exploration and creativity while ensuring safety.

If you want to take the fun to the next level, consider our upgraded package for $350. This includes the Soft Play Party Set Up along with a bouncy house, adding an extra layer of excitement to your event. The bouncy house is designed to be toddler-friendly, providing a safe space for jumping and bouncing joyfully.

Our soft play party packages are perfect for birthdays, playdates, or any special occasion where you want to create a memorable experience for young children. With our meticulous attention to safety and fun, you can relax and enjoy watching the little ones have a blast. Book your Soft Play Party package today and let Buffalo Party Deals bring the fun to you!

#5 Play Package

For $285: You Get our entire Soft Play Party Set Up

For $350: Get the Soft Play Party Set Up AND a Bouncy House!


Choose between Happy Store or Disney Princess Bounce Houses

Both include a Slide & a Ball Pit

Welcome to our photo gallery of toddler-friendly Soft Play Parties! Here, you'll find snapshots of our vibrant and safe play zones designed specifically for little ones. Our soft play equipment offers endless fun and exploration, ensuring a delightful and secure environment for your toddlers to enjoy. Browse through the moments of joy and laughter, and get inspired for your next event with Buffalo Party Deals!

Now offering bumper cars for up to 4 kids at a time.

Tubs are great for ball pits as well.

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